Our Story

Aadveka, translating to  'unique' is our attempt to make local handcrafted work relevant in modern India. We believe that sustainability and fashion go hand in hand, and recognize that the need of the hour is to sustain our craft, culture and heritage. The motto is to work closely with local artisans and weavers to ensure economic empowerment of where true India lives- its villages.
While honoring the art of Indian craftsmanship, we softly blend western silhouettes and cuts with Indian textiles- a beautiful mélange of the old and the new and bring to you an array of finest quality textiles from different parts of India. Each piece reflects a perfect combination of modern finesse and tradition.
With Aadveka, let’s take you back in time to celebrate India’s rich textile traditions!
  1. To revive Indian textile traditions by modernizing the local art and craft sector.
  2. To ensure economic empowerment of ground level artisans and weavers.
  3. To educate and create awareness about Indian textile culture among the masses.


Here's a glimpse of our Karigars while they create magic!